Original Works

True Pure Brave Art is meant to inspire observation of everyday art. Living true to all that we see, having pure virtues that stand out in landscape and living brave in every season of life. Be true. Be pure. Be brave. 


True to all we see:

No one flower is exactly the same as another; flowers each have unique details just as we do. There are details in our life that we must not miss; learning to love these details is key to true happiness and personal peace.

Pure virtues that stand out in landscape:

When you know you are unique, you understand that you were made that way for a special reason. When you take away the mask of superficial materialism, your virtues are who you are. Demonstrate the virtues that inspire; care for others and in turn create internal happiness!




Brave living in every season of life:

You can do it: spring, summer, winter, fall … pain, joy, confusion or frustration; bravely take on each day with grace and courage. 

My focus is on the flowers in our world which represent our lives and the way we live. I hope you enjoy a few details of this life. 

Bravely embrace your uniqueness and bravely live a life of character.

Original watercolors by T. Powlen Beck